About Cactus IT

Cactus IT offers comprehensive, tailored IT advice and solutions to small and mid-sized businesses across Yorkshire.

What makes Cactus IT refreshingly different
Every business is different. We believe we are too.

IT solutions and advice with integrity

Our aim is to be recommended by every one of our customers. The integrity of our solutions and our service are key to achieving that.

Led by your business

We always start from your specific business needs so you know our advice is tailored to you. We use our experience with industry-proven software and hardware to only recommend what we know works. And we don’t believe in IT for IT’s sake.

A meticulous attention to detail

Great solutions aren’t enough. Our commitment to delivering properly gives you confidence they will do the job.

A way with words, not just technology

If you want to talk features and technical detail, we will happily oblige. But we usually spend most of our time talking about business and how IT supports it. We find jargon rarely helps.

A calm, positive manner

Experience tells us there is always a solution. It also tells us life is too short not to enjoy work.

A truly personal touch

We work with Yorkshire-based businesses so we can provide the personal service our customers value. We are always responsive and ready to do what’s necessary to keep your IT working.

“Your communication is always transparent and uncomplicated – coming from a stressed, time pressured dyslexic, that means you must be extremely good!” Katie Steel, Supafrank

Who we are

Cactus IT is run by Bevan Yates from our base in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. Since 2010, Cactus IT’s ‘belt and braces’ approach to IT has been bringing peace of mind to businesses in Yorkshire and around the UK.

We say ‘belt and braces’ because it reminds us of Grandpa Yates. He was an engineer by trade, and a stickler for doing things properly. He always made double sure that things were done correctly – belt, braces and all.
Cactus IT started with a focus on online data protection, recognising the growing importance of reliable, off-site data backup. Building on Bevan’s networks and consultancy background, Cactus IT has since expanded to offer IT advice and solutions for many IT services that support growing businesses.

 “Meeting you for the first time, I had confidence in you and the knowledge that you had. You made a good first impression. Working with you proved that that impression was spot on!” Jill Dean, U-Dental

Cactus IT is the trading name of Cactus Backup Limited. To find out more about Cactus IT solutions, please contact us on +44 (0)1943 666 711.

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