condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring

With increased pressures on industry to produce superior quality products and tighter margins. The average manufacturing concern cannot justify the investment required to implement the high end Condition Monitoring solutions required to keep their critical production equipment running.

These pressures combine to place customers under additional exposure to risks such as:

  • Unscheduled downtime in their production runs
  • Increased waste or spoilt goods
  • Unproductive and costly staffing issues
  • Damage to reputation after deadlines are missed on critical service delivery dates

Cactus IT have been working hard to develop a cost effective solution that can bring the benefits of Condition Monitoring solutions even to smaller operations that could not afford to benefit previously from this technology.

Condition Monitoring

Our objective is to deliver a cost-effective Condition Monitoring solution from a single pane of glass that leverages the emerging Internet of Things technologies and elastic cloud computing for improved reliability and visibility.


  • Visibility

Our dashboard tools give our customers the ability to view and track metrics over a period of time, allowing for the detection of trends and the ability to predict impending problems and assist with scheduling maintenance.

  • Proactive management

Working with experts in the specific field of application, we are able to leverage expert knowledge to proactively alert customers when key metrics reach certain thresholds or stray out of acceptable bounds.

  • Failure prediction and service optomization

Our goal is to be able to use statistical leaning and machine intelligence, not just to alert us when there is an issue, but to predict equipment failure. As we gather larger volumes of data over longer periods of time, we will be able to draw insights and predict pending failures allowing scheduled maintenance rather than costly breakdowns during production runs.

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Sample waterfall diagram of Condition Monitoring data




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