A reliable server infrastructure keeps customers happy, staff productive and you with one less problem to think about. We believe the HP ProLiant Server is a smart choice for many small and mid-sized businesses, but we won’t recommend it if it’s not right. Once we understand your IT environment and the real world demands of your business, we propose the best fit, best value solution.

Whether the right fit for you is HP ProLiant, or a Dell or IBM business server solution, we will source your hardware from the supplier that offers the best service at the most competitive price. We work with a range of suppliers and distributors so we can achieve this for each individual customer.

The right solution, delivered properly.

True to our belt and braces philosophy, we don’t stop at recommending solutions. We are meticulous about installing and setting up our servers properly so they do the job well.

We also offer ongoing server support and maintenance to give you the peace of mind your server infrastructure stays in mint condition over time.

To find out more about our server solutions, please contact us on +44 (0)1943 666 711.




Managed services

Backup / Recovery