Reliable IT Support to Help Your SMB Thrive

As a small or medium business owner, you know how crucial technology is to your operations. From managing customer data to enabling remote work, IT is the backbone that keeps your company running smoothly. However, dealing with IT issues can be a major headache, distracting you from your core business and draining valuable resources. Helping […]

Cactus IT are CE (Cyber Essentials) certified….. but why did we do it?

We are thrilled to have completed our CE (Cyber Essentials) certification this week. Here are a few key reasons (and benefits) that made us decide to invest the time and money in completing this certification that has helped us to improve our cyber security, our business processes and security procedures. With an increased cyber security […]

How to run your business when the lights go out

There has been a lot of news chatter recently about power outages this winter because of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. With my experience as a South African of dealing with load shedding, now is the time to plan for possible outages over the winter so that your business can continue to function. Here […]

PrintNightmare ransomware attack closes businesses

What is the PrintNightmare vulnerability A bug found in all Windows operating systems allows full ‘top level’ access to compromised computers. The biggest, currently known (as of Sunday the 4th of July 2021 – 11am GMT) attack initiated in the USA when the IT management software company Kaseya saw certain version of it’s software become […]

COVID-19 business support

Cactus IT supporting businesses Cactus IT understands that it’s tough out there at the moment running your business and operating because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. We have been very busy recently assisting our existing customers to adjust to the new measures while observing strict Social distancing rules and following the government’s advice on how […]

Completed network upgrade

Cactus IT has recently completed a network upgrade for a client based in Dublin with a branch office in Otley. We were asked to assist in specifying the equipment and sourcing it for our client. The work was scheduled to be completed outside of normal business hours to limit the impact on the business. The main […]

Award Winning IT Support

We are delighted to announce that the hard work and excellent customer service of our apprentice, Jimmy Arnott has recently been recognised by the Ilkley Business Awards (IBA). At a Gala Dinner held at the Kings Hall in Ilkley to celebrate the achievements of businesses in LS29, Jimmy was amongst the winners after being initially […]

Email cyber threat on the increase

Noisy email Over 70% of my email in the last week was ‘noise’ at best and malicious at worst, and there seems to be no let up in sight. It is widely accepted that email has become the delivery method of choice for cyber criminals. There seems to be a threat for every occasion from […]

Farewell Windows 7

Farewell to Windows 7 Windows 7, our favourite operating system since Windows XP is due for retirement in less than a year. The most successful operating system ever launched has already reached Microsoft’s ‘end of mainstream support’. With a staggering 630 million licenses sold by 2012 (ref: Wikipedia), on the 14th of January 2020 it […]

GDPR IT compliance for Small Businesses

The General Data Protection Regulation is coming this year (25th May 2018) and the time to act is now. The focus of this blog is on Small Businesses in the UK with limited resources and stretched budgets. It’s a collection of practical steps to take in order to assess your compliance, specifically around your IT […]