Office 365 data residency location

Will GDPR impact on your data residency requirements? Are you part of a United Kingdom business that subscribes to Microsoft Office 365 services? You may also have regulatory compliance that requires your data to be kept within the United Kingdom?If that is the case, then Microsoft now offers the option to relocate your data, but you […]

Using Redstor Instant Data to recover your Windows 2012R2 Server after a disaster

Disaster recovery is critical for business continuity, we all know that. But, how often is your strategy tested? In the video below, I demonstrate the backup and recovery of a Windows Server 2012R2 virtual machine using Cactus IT infrastructure powered by Redstor Backup Pro ESE software.Redstor Backup Pro ESE (enterprise server edition) includes the “Full System […]

Hackers Threaten To Remote Wipe Millions Of iPhones- Cactus IT has some advice

In the NEWS this week Apple have sent out an email statement after receiving a demand for ransom from a group calling itself “Turkish Crime Family”. The $75 000 cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) needs to be paid by Apple before the groups deadline of the 7th of April. The group claims to have access to nearly […]

Password policy “U-Turn” for 2017

What we know If you are in business, you will have looked to your IT department for help and advice on passwords. After all, your password is the key to your digital life and with it comes all of the intellectual property, documentation and wealth that you have accumulated over the years. It is true […]

What is ransomware and how can I protect my data?

Ransomware is malicious computer code that has been written in order to illegally elicit money from unsuspecting victims. The code is normally delivered by one of the following methods and infects the computer, network or data: Misleading and well disguised SPAM emails lead you to click on a link or open an attachment that infects […]

What is Server Virtualisation……. and why should I care?

Definition: A Virtual Server is an instance of a Computer Operating System running within a container on Simulated Hardware. Server virtualisation hides direct physical access to the host computers hardware and instead, makes available an abstract layer that shares the hardware access amongst all of the guest Operating Systems. This allows you to install multiple, […]

Ransom-ware virus outbreak

With the recent wave of ransom-ware virus infections, mainly in the form of the “Locky” virus, I wanted to offer some helpful advice on how to avoid becoming the next victim! It’s a nasty piece of work and causes massive disruption to businesses every day in the UK and around the world.   What does […]

The 3-2-1 backup rule

What is 3-2-1 backup rule? Everyone talks about the pace of change in IT, but something that has not changed is the 3-2-1 backup rule. These 3 simple rules help you overcome almost any failure scenario….. If you follow them. What are the rules? 1. Have at least 3 copies of your data 2. Keep […]

Gartner reports on Cloud Backup

Gartner advises businesses to use cloud backup to reduce costs. They have also suggested ways to help reduce the costs of cloud services by being more selective in data selection and also retention periods. Download the full article here