Ransom-ware virus outbreak

With the recent wave of ransom-ware virus infections, mainly in the form of the "Locky" virus, I wanted to offer some helpful advice on how to avoid becoming the next victim!

It's a nasty piece of work and causes massive disruption to businesses every day in the UK and around the world.


What does it look like?

  • This virus is normally delivered by email
  • The email looks legitimate
  • There is an attachment in word or excel format

If you open the attachment, you may already be infected, or you may be prompted to "enable macros"!



Credit to @NakedSecurity for the image above

How to protect yourself?


  • Backup your data regularly and keep a copy off-site
    • USB backups left attached to your PC or Server can easily be infected with the Locky virus

  • Don't enable macros in documents received by email

  • Ensure you regularly run Windows and Virus Protection updates

  • Be suspicious of email attachments

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